The 2016 Starbucks Red Cups have launched in all our stores worldwide for the Holidays. Last year we asked for our community to share what the Holiday Season means to them with Red Cup art and designs. This year we are celebrating this creativity by showcasing 10 of these Red Cup designs on our holiday cups. 
"Starbucks Red Cups Now in Stores"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) The warmth of your love's 
Like the warmth from the sun 
And this will be our year 
Took a long time to come 
Don't let go of my hand 
Now darkness has gone 
This will be our year 
Took a long time to come

Written Text

Last year, we made the red cups. 
You made them the holidays. 
Introducing the 2016 Starbucks red cups. 
Created by our customers all around the world. 
Buy one holiday drink, get one free to share. 
Nov. 10-14, 2-5 PM

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