Harry, they did it. The impossible is possible. Hear the legend call one last game. Cubs, #ThisBudsForYou. #FlyTheW 
"Budweiser | Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions | Harry Caray’s Last Call | Fly The W"

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Sure as God made green apples, someday the Chicago Cubs are gonna be in a World Series. And maybe sooner than we think.  
Let's go, Cubbies, let's go! 
Hello again everybody! Harry Caray in Cleveland. It's such a pleasure to see you, especially on a noteworthy night, indeed! The Cubs three outs away from winning. Boy, if you've got a weak heart, turn the set off!  
Come on, boys!  
The rest of you stay with us! The crowd quiet. Now ready. The pitch. Bouncing ball. There's a throw. He is out!  
Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs are the champions! The Cubs are the champions! Look at that mob scene! Holy cow! You talk about a mass of happy humanity. How about them Cubbies?! Now our lives are complete. The Cubs are number one.  
The impossible is possible. The unbelievable is believable. 
This is Harry Caray. So long, everybody.

Written Text

Harry Caray 
Game 7 
2016 World Series 
11:44 PM 
Harry, They Did It. 
2016 World Series Champions 
Budweiser | MLB 
Official Beer Of Major League Baseball

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