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"Good Boy - Discover Credit Scorecard commercial"

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Discover Card.  
I'm not a Discover customer, but I'm calling about that Credit Scorecard. Give it to me.Give it. 
Oh, sure! We give it to everyone for free. 
Oh. Well that's nice. No go get it!  
You can go get it yourself online and see your FICO credit score right there. 
Great. Oh, that's a good boy.  
Thanks? Oh, and you can even see how your current card compares to others out there.  
Wow. Convenient. Ooh, somebody wants a belly rub.  
What now? 
Get your Credit Scorecard at Free for everyone. Even if you're not a customer.

Written Text

Discover Scorecard 
Free For Everyone. Even If You're Not A Customer.

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