This holiday season, famed singer and cookbook author, Patti LaBelle, makes a special appearance at your family dinner with her delicious Sweet Potato Pie. Now you too can end your feast on a high note with her one-of-kind recipes. Taste the only pie to go platinum and buy one for your family feast at Walmart for only $3.48 
"It’s A Patti-Gram | Holidays with Walmart"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Patti LaBelle? 
Patti Pie! Mmm-mmm! 
Girl, that's three dollars 48 cents!  
Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato pie, only at Walmart. $3.48 on Rollback. Save money. Live better. Walmart.  
(Lyrics) Ooh! Uh-huh 
Good, good, good, good to be alive right about now

Written Text

Patti LaBelle 8" Sweet Potato Pie 
Only at Walmart 
Save money. Live better.

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