This commercial starts with an outdoor mountain scene with an elk standing next to a "Welcome to Phonelandia" sign. The camera moves in and you can see sheep and butterflies and a a long line of cell phones dressed up in Nortic/Scandinavian dress (viking helmets, big mustaches, winter hats) with a Samsung phone in a blond wig walking down the line. All the "male" phones are holding engagement rings for the blond. The commercial is advertising phones with no contracts, and the idea is that the blond doesn't need to commit to any of these men.

Written Text

Welcome to Phonelandia 
Population 60 million 
Boost, Go, T-Mobile, Tracphone, Virgin Mobile 
The Shack won't make you commit. 
No-contract phones from Boost Mobile, Go Phone, T-Mobile Prepaid, Tracphone (Trackphone) and Virgin Mobile. 
Available at RadioShack

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