"Heineken | Traditions #morebehindthestar" 
Our beer is a family tradition. That’s because Heineken has been family owned since 1873. Make our tradition, part of yours. #morebehindthestar 
This ad features Benicio del Toro at home with family for the holidays. Instead of dreading getting terrible gifts from people, he uses the experience to test his acting skills.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Heineken has been family owned since 1873. They know about family tradition. My favorite family tradition: exchanging gifts. It allows me to showcase my range as an actor. 
What could this be? 
Ah, you shouldn't have. 
I love it. 
Ha, ha ha! 
I actually bought these myself. 
Family owned since 1873. There's more behind the star.

Written Text

Family owned since 1873. 
Est. 1873 
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