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Organic Valley Commercial (2016 - 2017)

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Organic Valley Commercial

Fall/Winter 2016
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Plot / Description

It’s time to cele-bake the end of the War on Butter. Nominate a butter lover you know, and we could sculpt their faces out of organic butter, live! Do it now at 
"The War on Butter is Over! Nominate a Hero"

Voiceover / Dialog / Script / Spoken Word

Since the dawn of food, humans have worshiped and revered butter as rich, creamy, semi-solid gold. Until suddenly in the 1950s, the party inside our pies, pastries and mouths came to an end. A bunch of scientists decided fat was evil. They urged America to replace butter with chemicals, sprays and yellow goo. A sad day for toast, our children and America. For years, the war on butter raged. Butter melted away from our shelves, our recipes and our lives. These were dark times for our taste buds. But even darker times for the hundreds of dairy farmers at Organic Valley who vowed to make butter even better.  
You had people calling us monsters for making organic butter. It was weird. And confusing. 
We won over 45 awards for making this stuff.  
Obviously we had a lot of haters. 
Haters are gonna hate. Until they have to bake.  
While everyone else was abandoning butter, we were innovating. 
Organic Valley introduced the first organic cultured butter.  
We're like the Silicon Valley of butter.  
That's right. 
We just kept telling ourselves, if you churn it, they will come. 
Then all of a sudden, this happened.  
Eat butter. 
Butter's back, baby. 
Tastes like victory. 
It's true. Scientists did more science and they found out we were right all along. Butter isn't bad for us! So this holiday, stop putting olive oil in your lemon bars. Leave avocados out of your pumpkin muffins.Friends don't let friends spray cookie sheets with aerosol cans. Because butter has officially won the war on itself. And victory tastes awesome! Specifically, it tastes like slow-churned pasture-raised organic butter from Organic Valley! 
To celebrate, we're honoring this country's war on butter heroes by sculpting their faces out of delicious Organic Valley butter. Nominate a hero and watch us live at

Written Text

Dan Casler 
Butter Hero 
Andra Benson 
Butter Hero 
Dave Hardy 
Butter Hero 
Dave Hardy 
Organic Valley Farmer-Owner 
David Stratton 
Organic Valley Farmer-Owner 
Andra Benson 
Organic Valley Farmer-Owner 
Dan Casler 
Organic Valley Farmer-Owner 
Rob & Shirley Hudyncia 
Organic Valley Farmer-Owners 
Organic Valley