"Goodbye Sugar, Hello SPLENDA® Naturals Commercial- Coffee"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Uh, you asked to see me, coffee? 
Yeah, listen sugar, we're uh..letting you go. 
Wait. What? People love sweet taste!  
That's true, but sweet ain't enough anymore.  
It's that Splenda Naturals gal, isn't it? 
I knew it!  
Look, not only is she sweet, she's got natural Stevia and no bitter aftertaste, and of course, zero calories.  
Ah, not the calories again!  
Sugar, you're full of calories! 
I know! So all the partners agree? Even iced tea? Especially iced tea. 
Goodbye sugar. Hello new Splenda Naturals.

Written Text

Goodbye sugar. 
New Splenda Naturals Sweetner

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