Are humans using us for our poo? Millions of cats believe humans are HARVESTING their poop for PROFIT using the ScoopFree Litter Box. WATCH THE VIDEO AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF!! 
"Catspiracy: The ScoopFree Poop Harvesting Machine"

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It's weird, right? The humans' obsession with our poop? I mean, just look at the lengths they've gone to harvest the stuff.  
Have you ever noticed how excited they get when a dog goes number two? 
What a good boy! That's my baby! Good boy!  
All we know for certain is that our feces must be very valuable. 
Why, else would they have invented this? This crazy, high tech poop harvesting machine. 
Look at this thing. You sh*t on fancy, odor-absorbing crystals and then once you're gone it's special robot brain can sense it. That's when the cyborg dung butler rakes your deposit into its harvesting box. I don't even remember what my poo smells like anymore. It's like a part of me doesn't exist.  
Every few weeks a fresh tray of crystals automatically shows up to keep the whole system running. They've built an entire infrastructure to whisk our poo off to an undisclosed location in an armored tank.  
But have you ever stopped to ask yourself, why? 
Open your eyes, people. They're using us for our poo.  
Are, are they're using it to weave their strange floppy outer skins? 
Are they fueling their moving couches with feces? 
Do our deuces keep their faces hairless? 
They're, they're always staring at their hand rectangles.Could it be that humans are harvesting our turds to trade with other humans on their secret black turd market? Buying and selling palates of our poop all day long? 
If our biowaste is this valuable, it must be worth billions. Or even millions!  
It makes you wonder, what are they collecting our hairballs for? 
ScoopFree self cleaning litter box. A high-tech robot machine that harvests your cat's poop so you can sell it on the black turd market and make billions, or even millions.  
If you suspect a human is using you for your poo, please, share this video.

Written Text

Mr. Buttons 
Dr. Barnaby Bottomsworth 
Human Expert 
A High-Tech Robot Machine 
That Harvests Your Cat's Poop 
So You Can Sell It On The Black Turd Market And Make Billions 
Or Even Millions.

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