November 26 is Small Business Saturday® a great time to #ShopSmall, eat local, and “expand your horizons”. 
"“Cheers” featuring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson | Small Business Saturday® 2016"

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You are gonna love this place. 
I'm more of a milkshake guy. 
And I'd say, expand your horizons. 
I'm very open-minded. 
No, no, Expand Your Horizons, it's the name of a smoothie. 
I see they have bee pollen, too. My favorite allergen. 
Trust me. John grows half the stuff in his own backyard.  
It's true. 
Two of my usuals, please. Add spirulina.  
Is that a noodle? 
It's his first time.  
Mmm! That's almost as good as a milkshake. 
Get together and shop small on Small Business Saturday.

Written Text

Small Business Saturday | Nov 26 
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