"MacBook Pro – Bulbs – Apple" 
Ideas have always pushed the world forward. Introducing a tool for all the ideas to come. The new MacBook Pro. 
This ad starts with a caveman making a spark by striking rocks together for fire, creating the wheel, and making drawings on a cave wall. From there we have today's technology. This line of succession is symbolized by a hugely long line of light bulbs set up. Then for no reason at all, the line of bulbs start exploding. As they do, other steps in technology and science are shown including: 
Writing, the plow, metalworking, gravity, the lightbulb (of course), the bicycle, the steam locomotive, attempts at flight, the motorcycle, gears/clockwork, optics, the telephone, the typewriter, toilet paper, the microwave, cameras/photography, photograph/record player, television, jet pack, refrigeration, the paperclip, tamagotchi, the computer and mouse, the zipper, windmills, cars, airplanes, microscopes, bionic hands, robot toys, the space shuttle, cell phones/smartphones, drones, solar power, walking humanoid robots... and finally the MacBook Pro.

Written Text

Ideas push the world forward 
Introducing a tool for all the ideas to come 
The new MacBook Pro 
Tamagotchi Friends

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