Food and friendship, these are what Meals on Wheels delivers to real people like Donn and Anna, and why Subaru has been proud to support it through Share the Love. Subaru and its participating retailers will have donated nearly $90 million dollars in nine years to help those in need 
"Subaru Share the Love | "Donn," Meals on Wheels | :60"

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Donn and I met because I'm a volunteer for Meals on Wheels. We had an instant connection. 
What was that? 
I said delivering to you is always a special treat.  
Oh, well... 
He has a giant stingray sculpture that's about this big. 
Oh, it's about four times that big. Yeah, easy. 
Sorry, my sense of measurement is off. I developed an understanding and appreciation and empathy for people who can't do everything they used to do. 
Not feeling good at all, it's hard for me to even get down to the corner to take the bus to the market. They're helping me to get food if I can't get to the store on my own. You gotta have it or you're not gonna get healthy, you know? 
Company, companionship, food, we all need those things.  
When we get in that spot in life, it's kinda nice to have them there.  
Through the Subaru Share the Love Event, we've helped deliver over 1.4 million meals to those in need. Get a new Subaru and we'll donate $250 more.  
(Lyrics) Put a little love in your heart

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share the love event 
Over 1.4 Meals Delivered 
Thru January 3

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