It’s hard to decide who benefits more when a pet is rescued, the animal or the new owner. Hear the incredible story of Rochelle and Gunner and you’ll understand why Subaru has donated millions to help the ASPCA rescue countless animals. 
"Subaru Share the Love | "Gunner," ASPCA | :60"

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Gunner is a doofus. He is a doofus of a dog. He was clumsy, he runs into things, he trips over his feet. When he had come in as a stray, I don't think he had any idea what his life was gonna be like the next day, meeting me. Walked around the shelter, no intention of adopting. Walked around the corner, he was the very last kennel in the very last row. Emaciated. He was skin and bones. Eye infection, ear infection, full of parasites. The, usually what you see in neglected dogs. I just had to take him. I had to. It was one of those complete meant to be moments. I totally fell in love with him.  
Through the Subaru Share the Love Event, we've helped the ASPCA save nearly 30,000 animals so far. Get a new Subaru and we'll donate another $250 to help those in need. 
(Lyrics) Put a little love in your heart

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Share the Love Event 
30,000 Animals Saved 
Thru January 3

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