THE MICK is a no-holds-barred single-camera comedy that gives new meaning to the phrase "dysfunctional family." 
"Danger Trailer | Season 1 | THE MICK"

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Oh my God, Mackenzie! 
Hi! I wanted to give you an opportunity to invest in my future.  
This is the Micky that I know. 
What are you talking about? 
I was half your age when I settled down.  
You didn't settle down, you got knocked up by some rich guy when you were working as a stripper!  
I was a waitress. 
You were a topless waitress, and that's even worse. It just means you couldn't dance.  
FBI! We have a warrant for the arrest of Christopher and Pamela Pemberton!  
I need you to watch the kids tonight.  
No, no, I'm a bad choice for that job. 
Act like an aunt for one day and I'll get you the money that you need, OK? And don't ruin them! 
Mommy and daddy are in jail? 
Can you tell him everything's gonna be OK? 
Don't worry, Ben. If we throw enough money, this thing will surely go away. OK? 
As long as I'm here, you and me, we're equals. Pull up a chair, we're eating breakfast together.  
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait. You gotta cook the food first.  
Hey, Benny, you hungry? Oh, yikes! Somebody should get that! 
Why didn't we pay for it? 
'Cause I don't have any money. 
Well, I would have paid for you. 
Is that a Black card? 
Hey, Ben. I dare you to lick the grill. I'll give you a thousand bucks.  
No, he does not have $1,000. 
Well, I hope you're very proud of yourself. Your brother has burned off all of his taste buds. Gross. 
'Sup, Chippy? 
I hate that guy! 
Next time he gives you crap, yank his pants down and point at his tiny pecker.  
What happened to you?! 
It was humongous! I'm lucky he didn't beat me with it. 
Well, clearly you didn't do it right.  
She's a danger to these children.  
The kids are fine! 
Can I have some more ice cream? 
Don't worry, I will clean this up. 
Just to be clear, when you say 'Clean it up' ... 
Oh, I take 'em home, make sure they're OK. 
OK. Good, good, good. 
I think she's dead. 
What's everybody thinking for dinner? 
We just ate breakfast.  
You were like this when we came home from school yesterday.  
All right, well, uh, good morning. 
You don't look so hot. I mean, you never look great, but right now you look like, actively bad. 
(Lyrics) I'm so fancy 
You already know 
I'm in the fast lane 
From L.A. to Tokyo 
Trash the hotel 
Let's get drunk on the mini bar 
Yeah, keep on turning it up 
Chandelier swinging, we don't give a  
'Bout to blow

Written Text

She's Inappropriate 
But She's In Charge 
Kaitlin Olsen  
The Mick 
New FOX Series 
This January

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