At Ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. We work to keep the romance alive and strive to make your wishes earn more interest. #DoItRight 
"Nothing Stops Us: Wishing Well - Ally Do It Right Commercial"

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What are you doing? 
Getting your quarter back. Fountains don't earn interest, David. You know I work at Ally. 
I was being romantic.  
You know what I find romantic? A robust annual percentage yield, that's what I find romantic. This is literally throwing your money away. 
I think it's over there. 
That way? 
Yeah. Little further . 
What year was that quarter? 
What year's that one? 
That's the one, you got it! 
Nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. Ally. Do it right. 
Let's get out of that water.

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Do Banking 
Do Auto Finance 
Do Credit Card 
Do It Right

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