Introducing the fresh new light-up kicks for boys and girls that look good all day and even better at night. Every innovative pair features seven different super bright colors and four different fun modes so you can style your personal light show countless ways. It’s like a dance party right in your shoe! Light up the night brighter and better than ever before with Energy Lights…only from Skechers! 
"Energy Lights by Skechers commercial"

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Energy Lights are fresh kicks by day and when the lights go out, light up the night. Only from Skechers. The leader in lighted sneakers.  
(Lyrics) Energy Lights 
Energy Lights 
Skechers Energy Lights 
New for kids, it's Skechers Energy Lights 
They look good all day and even better at night 
When you're on the go they keep you on your toes 
With seven different colors and four different modes 
Seven different colors and four different modes 
Ah, Energy Lights 
For girls and boys that wanna light up the night

Written Text

Kids Energy Lights 
by Skechers 
7 Different Colors 
Four Modes!

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