Ja Rule is impressed with how long the Week of Greatness has stayed on top. The hottest week of sneaker releases is back for year V starting November 19th! #WeekofGreatness 
"Foot Locker x Week of Greatness V featuring Ja Rule"

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The week of greatness came back strong. 
I know. Foot Locker brought it again for the fifth straight year. 
You know fellas, you can't take sustained greatness like that for granted. So hard to achieve. 
Once you find greatness you hold on to it. I mean, you can lose it just like that. One minute you're on top of the world, the next... it's all different. It's all different. 
Um, yeah, you know, we...just, just up here on the right. 
Oh! Sure. Hey, you gentlemen have a good evening! Oh! And don't forget to rate me five stars.  
Yeah, man. You got it. 
See you guys!

Written Text

Week Of Greatness 
Foot Locker 
If It's Here It's Approved. 

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