The Week of Greatness shows Carmelo Anthony that not everyone agrees on what qualifies as greatness. The hottest week of sneaker releases is back for year V starting November 19th. #WeekofGreatness 
"Foot Locker x Week of Greatness V featuring Carmelo Anthony"

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Foot Locker. Nice. 
Melo? Yeah, the week of greatness is back for year five. You been? 
Not yet, but I plan on it. 
You don't sound too urgent. The window for greatness closes fast.  
I've experienced my fair share of greatness. 
I mean you're definitely really good, but...greatness? 
I'm a nine time All-Star. 
That's more of a popularity contest. 
I won a national championship in college. 
Come on, man. That doesn't really count. 
I have three Gold Medals. 
Against like...Peru. 
You guys spend a lot of time commenting on the internet? 
Yeah, uh... 
That's what I thought.

Written Text

Week Of Greatness 
Foot Locker 
If It's Here It's Approved. 

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