Celebrate Lash Equality as James Charles from JCharlesBeauty introduces a mascara for all lash types. The So Lashy! Mascara's 3-in-1 brush shapes, molds and builds lashes regardless of your lash type. 
"So Lashy! BlastPRO Mascara by COVERGIRL | #LashEquality"

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Today is a great day for lash equality. New So Lashy! mascara. Works for all lash types. 
Light. Straight. Short. Fine. 
The breakthrough? The unique lash finder tip. It turns every little lash into bold, sexy... 
So lashy! 
For me. 
For us.  
For all. 
Celebrate lash equality with new So Lashy! mascara. From Easy, breezy, equal is beautiful, CoverGirl.

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James Charles 
New So Lashy! 
All Lash Types 
The Breakthrough? 
Lash Finder Tip 
Lash Equality 

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