"Holiday Seafood Celebration :30"

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Want a feast fit for the season? At Red Lobster's Holiday Seafood Celebration, nothing says treat yourself like any of these indulgent new dishes. So try the new Grand Seafood Feast with tender shrimp, a decadent crab cake and a lobster tail topped with white wine butter. Or the new Wild-caught Lobster-and-Shrimp Trio. Crispy and garlic grilled red shrimp and the lobster tail with creamy lobster mac and cheese. You want a feast? You got it. Feasts like these make the holidays the holidays. So come try one before it ends.

Written Text

Holiday Seafood Celebration 
Grand Seafood Feast 
Wild-Caught Lobster-And-Shrimp Trio 
Red Lobster 
Fresh Fish 
Live Lobster

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