Private dinner on the beach? Champagne on the balcony? Spontaneous dip in the pool? Whatever you do on vacation, stays between you and your partner when you enjoy Unlimited-Luxury┬« at Secrets Resorts & Spas. 
Make a secret on your next vacation with Secrets Resorts & Spas. 
"Make A Secrets with Secrets Resorts & Spas"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Press me down against the ground 
The secret's ours to make 
No one's around 
Oh oh only we know 
Oh oh only we know 
Touch me 
I need your touch 
Before a mystery give me love 
I said before a mystery, give me love 
Give me love 
Give me love 
Give me love 
Give me love

Written Text

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