"Sriracha In Everything – The Hottest Lexus IS Ever" 
The Lexus Sriracha IS was made with one simple philosophy in mind: Put Sriracha in everything. The paint, the steering wheel, even the key fob. We wanted this car to be as hot as possible. Now it’s so hot, it’s spicy.

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It's one of the world's most beloved flavors. With its signature chili kick, that unmistakable shade of red, and it's instantly recognizable shape. The Lexus Sriracha IS is sure to become America's favorite chili pepper based vechicle. Sriracha makes everything hotter: food, drinks, but what about a grill? Uh, no, not that kind. This kind. 
To make the Lexus Sriracha IS as spicy as possible, we followed one simple philosophy - put Sriracha in everything. Sriracha in the paint job. Yes. Sriracha in here. Oh, yes. Sriracha in here. So much yes. How about in here? All the yes. And just when you thought there was nowhere else to put Sriracha, we found more places. "How hot is this car?", you might ask. We didn't just use normal Sriracha. We painstakingly hand selected the spiciest, most sweat-inducing peppers, then flavor tested every inch of it twice. This car has so much Sriracha in it, we even Christened it with Sriracha. Lexus Vice President Brian Smith and Sriracha founder David Tran had the honors. Eh, close enough. 
The Sriracha IS. Proof that everything is hotter with Sriracha.

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Tuong Ot Sriracha 
So hot it's spicy 

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