Winter weather can be icy, but you don’t have to worry about coming home to a dinner that’s as cold as the outdoors. So this holiday season, the amazing gifts that get your family excited are easy to find like the Black+Decker Wifi-Enabled 6-Queart Slow Cooker, available only at Walmart. Save more and live better this Christmas with Walmart’s low prices.  
"Amazing Finds: Black & Decker WiFi-Enabled Slow Cooker | Holidays With Walmart"

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(Lyrics) (Ooh-ho, hoo-ooh, ooh-oo) 
You make my dreams come true 
(You-hoo, you, you-hoo, hoo, you, hoo) 
Well, well, well you 
(You-hoo, hoo-hoo-ooh) 
Oh, yeah 
You make my dreams come true

Written Text

Black & Decker WiFi-Enabled Slow Cooker 
Smartphone Time Control 
Smartphone Temperature Control 
Start Dinner Anytime  
From Anywhere 
Black & Decker WiFi-Enabled Slow Cooker Only At Walmart 
Save money. Live better.

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