"Ram Trucks | Praise" 
From the single working mother of three to the grandfather who spent a lifetime in the mill, Ram Truck's "PRAISE" recognizes all who labor to make their families, and this nation, strong. 
PRAISE is a tribute to every member of the American working class, and an homage to all who rely on Ram trucks day in and day out to get the job done.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Praise the mill. 
Praise the rig. 
Praise the rope and the pulp and the die. 
Praise the time card, the Green Card, the Union Card, and the WIC Card. 
Praise the single working mother, bright-eyed and bone-tired. 
Praise the coffee. 
Praise the cup. 
Praise the daycare open late. 
Praise the dinner, now cold. 
Praise the cranes reaching their giant hands up into a cloudless sky. 
Praise the lonely laboring in the white linoleum glow of midnight halls. 
Praise the line worker and the line. 
Praise the foreman and the floor. 
Praise the second shift, early Saturday. 
Praise the candle lit at both ends. 
Praise the snow just as it begins to fall. 
Praise all who sacrifice time at home for the one-day dream of their children's lives outside of it. 
Praise the workers. 
Praise the work.

Written Text

In/Out, RR 
Praise the work. 

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