"Verizon | Laundry Shop" 
During the holidays, all you need is love. Though love sometimes can come in the form of an awesome prepaid with HD streaming and Always-on Data. with no extra charges.

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Got any good gift ideas? 
What, what  
Verizon Prepaid's gonna be my gift  
No extra charges, cash stays in your pocket  
It's got HD streaming, others are too stingy  
With Verizon you look awesome  
You wanted more data, and look what Santa gave ya  
Verizon keeps you going with that always on data  
4G LTE, that's a lot of speed  
Think about it and you'll say  
That's the deal of my dreams  
With Verizon you look awesome  
You won't run out of data  
You never have to fear  
Stay in touch with la familia  
Mexico will be right here  
And even your sweet Granny, she gonna start to tweet  
Made for streaming, the best network's what you need  
OMG starting at 50 per month  
Bag it!  
No annual contracts  
And the latest phone is in your pocket  
No to matching sweaters, that's enough pajamas  
With Verizon you look awesome 
Get Verizon pre-paid with always on data on the best network for only $50 per month

Written Text

Drop Off 
Verizon Prepaid 
Always-on data 5GB for $50/mo 

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