"Zales - We Believe :30 TV Spot" 
This ad shows regular families such as a multi-generational family getting their photo taken, a couple laying on the floor with their baby, a same-sex couple getting married, a couple talking at a coffee shop, and a man proposing to his girlfriend.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

At Zales, we believe the world needs more love that lasts. Love that grows. Love that's worth waiting for. Love that answers the kind of questions your smartphone cannot. That's a diamond kind of love. It inspires everything we do at Zales. It's why we set each diamond in our Endless Brilliance collection to sparkle from every angle as a statement worthy of your lifetime of love. Zales, the diamond store.

Written Text

Zales the diamond store 
Diamond kind of love 
Since 1924

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