"Sweating the Details Since 1889 feat. Carhartt Full Swing" 
Introducing Carhartt Full Swing® - Over 125 years of sweating the details, so you can move like you mean it. 
Over a century ago, Hamilton Carhartt designed workwear through feedback from the rugged men connecting our nation by rail. 
Carhartt Full Swing® was designed with feedback from 100's of workers to address the concerns that they were having around fit and movement. It's an innovative line of jackets, shirt jacs and pants that fit closer to the body with maximum range of movement to help workers move freely on the farm, construction site and everywhere in-between.

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When you start out by making rugged clothing for the men who moved America, and later for those who defended it, you learn that your clothing doesn't just need to stand up to the job - it needs to measure up to those who wear it. Five generations later my name still stands for those who out-work 'em all. 
Introducing Carhartt Full Swing with 125 years my family measuring hard work. So you can move like you mean it.

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Hamilton Carhartt 
1889, 1918, 1925, 1931, 1938, 1955, 1975, 2016 

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