Join us at Paddy Power as we champion the unsung heroes of sport... #YouBeauty 
"Turnaround Steward! New Paddy Power advert #YouBeauty"

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That's the spirit, steward! PaddyPower! You beauty! 
(Lyrics) Turn around 
Every single game I feel a little bit left out as I have to turn and face the stands 
Turn around 
Every now and then I get a little bit tired of listening to the jeers of the crowd 
Turn around, Steward 
Still every single game I'm taking part 
Turn around, steward 
Yeah, every single game I'm taking part 
'Cause I makes the bet on you 
That your team will lose this next fixture 
And despite my awful feud, I'll be smiling on forever 
And there's nothing that your keeper can do 
'Cause it's only clips in off the bar

Written Text

You Beauty!

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