We bet you know the type... 
In fact, there’s a humblebragger in all of us. You know, when you’re so exited, that you can’t help bragging, but hide it behind humbleness. 
Let the Humblebragging begin: 
"Humblebragging - Bang & Olufsen"

Written Text

Bang & Olufsen 
When you buy a 48" TV and you live on the top floor 
This is gonna take forever to clean up 
Guess who's already in charge of the new TV 
Thought I was going to watch the game on the new TV 
What a crazy night... 
How did the TV get out here? 
#Cleaning #Help #Needed 
When your husband can't stop taking pictures of the new TV 
BeoVision Horizon 
Let The Humblebragging Begin 
Bang & Olufsen 
Like No One Else

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