Santa would like us all to forget, but we still remember last Christmas when he got hacked by the Bah HumBug because he didn’t have Norton Security. This year, Santa’s making his list and checking it twice by renewing his Norton subscription early. Now if only the elves could protect the workshop from Santa! 
Watch to see how Santa’s securing his new tech workshop, then learn how you can protect your devices this holiday season at 
"Santa Got Secure"

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Hey guys, it's Santa. So, as you probably heard, last year we got in a little bit of a digital kerfuffle up here in the pole, uh, where I maybe, kinda got us hacked. And almost ruined the holidays on a little bit of a global scale. But that's old news! Right everybody? So, this year, we upgraded our tech and we installed Norton Security. We turned our old-timey workplace into a place with things that blink and whirl and buzz. How amazing is this?! II mean, this one beeps and there's one over there that's like bee beep bee, it's mesmerizing. Don't stare at it too long. That's what they told me. Let's go check everything else out. This is Krankel, our lead elf for the last 200... 
300 years? Wow. Time flies. And he is... 
Backing up this year's wish lists. 
Uh, because we,uh... 
You got us hacked? 
That's my son, Kris Junior. He's been key to the North Pole transformation.  
Yeah, I'm really bringing the entire operation to the next level. Christmas past, Christmas future. That's why I renewed our Norton Security subscription. 
Wait. So computers, phones and laptops are all protected? 
Yeah. Locked down tighter than the cookies in your secret cookie jar.  
Hey, for the last time, there is no secret cookie jar, people! 
I'm 39! 
Don't talk with your mouth full.  
I'm not a child! 
So, this is where the magic toy making happens. You know, I remember when all an elf needed was an old wooden mallet. Now each one of our elves can get everything done on one of these.  
Don't touch that! 
Looks good. Geez, I'm in charge you know. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to being Santa and making this holiday amazing. And should be easy now that we're protected. Stay safe out there. Are we cut? 'Cause I'm actually not supposed to touch it. I know I said it's old news, but it is not. Everybody remembers. So I was thinking next year... Yeah. That's on me! Can I get a refill?

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Norton Presents 
Santa Got Secure 
Have A Safe And Happy Holiday With Norton Security.

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