"2016 Myer Christmas Film: Saving Santa's Star" 
This Christmas, four unlikely ornaments embark on journey of a lifetime to help Santa find his way. 
This animated Australian Christmas ad starts with a mother explaining to her child how Santa finds them on Christmas by following the stars. After they go to bed, some Christmas ornaments see a star fall out of the sky, so they know they have to fix it to help Santa. They go outside and it's in the back yard and it falls apart. They try to build another one out of appliances. It doesn't work at first, but then they improve it. They cover it with lights, turn it on, and it flies back into the sky in time for Santa to find it.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Mum, how will Santa find me tonight? 
Well, he follows the stars. The Southern Cross leads him here from the North Pole. Now, off to bed, Little Miss. 
Well, that's ... 
Uh, that's not good. 
Maybe we can fix it. 
Oy, fellas. I've got an idea. 
Look out. Excuse me. Tada! Ew. 
Oh, careful of my eyes. 
Steady. Steady.  
Right-e-o. Let 'er rip. 
Everybody back inside. 
Ah, beauty. 
Ho ho ho. 
OMG, we're a Christmas miracle.

Written Text

Where Christmas comes for Christmas 
Myer Giftorium

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