"Facebook Friends Day Video Example" 
Here's the video card each Facebook user is getting for Facebook's 12th birthday on February 4th, 2015.

Written Text

Hi Lindsay 
Here are your friends 
Well, a few of them 
You've done a lot together 
Lauren Westbrook still having flashbacks. #whoa 
You've shared these moments 
Lauren Westbrook LOVE THIS so much. Such an amazing surprise/evening. 
Monica Busch What the? 
And remember this? 
Happy Birthday, Lindsay! 
Yves Laroque Happy Birthday homegirl! 
Jan Jaworski Boom! HBD Linds 
Oren Hod Happy birthday 
Bob Walton Happy birthday Lindsay 
Peter Ryan Zich Hope you have a great day! 
Clara Valenstein Love you, miss you! 
Sheila Thompson Happy happy birthday! 
Your friends are pretty awesome 
Happy Friends Day 
From all of us at Facebook F

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