What if we all just did the normal? The expected? What if we removed creativity from the game of basketball? James Harden shows us why Basketball Needs Creators. 
"Basketball Needs Creators, feat. James Harden - adidas"

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What if I gave you what you wanted? You know, stopped being creative. What if I lost my swag? Just did the usual, the expected, the normal. What if we had no style? 
That's not fun.  
What if we didn't drop any heat? Gave you nothing to collect? 
Come on, Harden. 
What if I was all defense? No offense? Do you want me to put my game in a box? Boring! Should we send the Eurostep back to Europe? 
Mamma mia! The Eurostep is back!  
Breakin' ankles leave 'em crawlin'. Ballin' like I'm James... 
What if I gave them nothing to rap about? 
Who am I ballin' like? 
What if we did this? What if we did that? What if we kept it basic? Same old, same old, same old. What if we all stopped being creative? You really want that? Didn't think so.

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I'm Here To Create 

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