"Say Something (No Subtitles)"

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Caller is indicating she thinks there is someone shooting in the building.  
Frightening headlines across America. Two high school shootings in one day. 
A high school sophomore being attacked by a junior cheerleader. 
County 911. 
Oh my God, my friend has been shot! 
OK, what was he shot with? 
A shotgun. 
How old is he? 
He's 16.  
A funeral is being held this morning in Florida for Rebecca Sedwick, the 6th grader committed suicide last week. Authorities say she suffered nearly a year of cyberbullying.  
They say he attacked another 14-year-old on Thursday as he was walking home from school. 
A high school football favorite opens fire in a cafeteria, killing one and injuring others.  
Supposedly he tweeted about it last night. No one took him serious. Um, I think he said he was going to bring a gun to school. Uh, and I think everyone just kinda blew it off like he was joking.  
Minutes before firing his gun into a crowded cafeteria, sent family members a text message. 
The latest crime involves Apex High where a student is accused of tweeting a threat to shoot up the school.

Written Text

"Every act of violence is preventable." - Sandy Hook Promise 
Each year, there are 2 million acts of violence in schools. 
2000 student suicides. 
And more than 1 million threats against schools.  
They happen in different places.  
To different people. 
For different reasons. 
There is one thing these tragedies have in common. 
They are all preventable. 
Before they happen, there are posts.  
Before they happen, there are tweets.  
Before they happen, there are texts.  
There are warning signs.  
You can make a difference. 
You can save lives. 
You can say something. 
Say Something

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