This ad for Vince Camuto shoes is narrated by the family dog - an adorable, but confused boxer. He talks about his owner's love for shoes. As the owner tries on varies styles of Vince Camuto shoes, the dog explains that his owner asks his opinion on which shoes are best, but then before he knows it, she's gone. So while she's gone, he takes it upon himself to go through her shoes. When she returns home, she finds the dog in the middle of the living room with a pile of her beloved shoes - being chewed by the dog, who is pleased that his owner now looks "happy". 
"Vince Camuto SB50 Ad"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Mr. Camuto, let me tell you, these humans and their shoes. They confuse me. Every day it's the same thing. She runs around the house asking me which ones I like the most. And before I've even made up my mind, she just leaves. I feel like I'm not helping at all. How 'bout this one? I like this red one. Yeah, she looks happy. You're welcome.

Written Text

Vince Camuto

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