The campaign is led by an interactive video featuring British actress Juno Temple who perfectly embodies the two personalities of Naughty and Nice, the first very confident and knowing, the second more innocent and coquettish. This video, the first of its kind allows the viewer to move between the two scenarios by tapping the screen on their mobile device or by pressing the ’N’ button on their desktop keyboard. The surreal, wild and ever so fun film combines the visionary aesthetic of timeless storytelling with the future of technology accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.  
The video features our key styles from our Agent Provocateur’s Autumn Winter 2016 collection including the festive and glitzy Sparkle range, rubberised lace Deziree corset and the season’s best selling Essie range.  
"Agent Provocateur’s #NaughtyOrNice Christmas campaign, starring Juno Temple"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) I'm a little Christmas cracker 
Hangin' on a Christmas tree 
Just a little Christmas cracker 
A-bang-a-bang-a-bang-a-that's me 
A-bang-a-bang-a-bang-a-that's me 
If you pull me right in half 
I give you things to make you laugh 
Paper hats and good advice 
Pretty little toys and everything that's nice 
I'm a little Christmas cracker 
Hangin' on a Christmas tree 
Just a little Christmas cracker 
(Ah-ah-ah-bang-a-bang-a-bang) That's me 
(Ah-ah-ah-bang-a-bang-a-bang) That's me 
A message to my sister, Anne 
She's gonna meet a tall, dark, handsome man 
Napoleon's hat for poor, little, henpecked Dad 
He's having the grandest night that he's ever had 
A tiny little trumpet for baby Joe 
He'll be so happy then, when he starts to blow 
A lot of bright balloons make a lot of fun 
And then the party's really begun 
(She's a little Christmas cracker) Bang-a-bang 
(Hangin' on a Christmas tree) That's me 
(Just a little Christmas cracker) 
A-bang-a-bang-a-bang-a-bang-a-bang-a-bang-a-that's me 
(A-bang-a-bang-a-bang-a-bang-a-bang-a-bang) That's me 
That's me (Ooh-aah) 
That's Me!

Written Text

Agent Provocateur 
Nice Or Naughty? 

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