"CVS Air Delivery"

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In 2015, 25% of clinic cases reported in the United States could have been avoided by taking medicine at the right time. 
About 45% of those cases ended up in deaths.  
Some sicknesses can't wait. 
When they attack, there's not much time to react.  
Some of these tragedies could be avoided with just a pill. 
Whether it's because of traffic jams or the inability to move, these tragedies just happen.  
CVS Air Delivery 
The first medicine delivery service provided through drones. 
To use this service you only have to create your username 
Describe your medical record 
and upload your prescription, if needed. 
Allow us to find your location now. 
Air deliveries are made by a drone that flies from a pharmacy straight to where you are.  
In 2015, Drone Racing was created 
Showing how skillful people can be as they drive these robots that can go over 100 km/hr. 
Drones can go up to 20 miles in distance from various locations covering nearly 100% of cities air space. 
CVS Air Delivery 
the fastest and easier way to save a life. 
CVS Air Delivery 
We'll take care of it.

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