Se Interfloras søde julefilm om en lille pige, der forelsker sig i børnehavens slidte, en-øjede bamse. 
Alt for mange holder jul alene, og midt i julens hektiske kaos risikerer vi at glemme dem, vi ikke holder jul med. Så husk at sende dem, du holder af en tanke, eller en lille blomst. Glædelig jul. 
See Interflora's cute Christmas film about a little girl who falls in love with kindergarten worn, one-eyed teddy bear. 
Too many spend Christmas alone, and in the middle of Christmas hectic chaos we risk forgetting them, we do not celebrate Christmas with. So remember to send them, you care a thought, or a small flower. Merry Christmas. 
"Interflora Jul: Captain Bobo's Christmas"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) No one ever played such a simple piece before 
Not the way we did 
Not the slow un? this quiet 
And no matter what these people say 
It stays in the heart

Written Text

Flowers - Wine - Chocolate

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