Old Navy has the best gifts for everyone on your list this year (even if ‘everyone’ is just you.) See all the webisodes, then run to Old Navy or shop non-stop online at 
"Old Navy presents: Shopping for Gifts with Amy Schumer: Ending"

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Let's recap. So, over here we have a pile of gifts for... 
For you, I guess.  
OK, well now all we need is for you to go back out and get everybody I told you to a gift.  
Right, no, I just didn't realize that you were going to keep everything for yourself.  
Right, neither did I and that is the miracle of Christmas.  
OK, where should I go? 
Go to Old Navy. Just get doubles of everything that I'm keeping and that way I can play "Who Wore It Best?" all next year.  
Uh, OK.

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Old Navy

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