In love, in life, in happiness – you get what you give. #WeAllCan 

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What can you give? 
What can you get? 
What gets you happy? 
We all can give something.  
And you'll get it right back.  
I can give positivity. 
Me too. 
I can give my voice. 
Give it to me baby. 
I can give warmth. 
He can get pretty hot. 
I can get all wrapped up. 
I can get excited! 
Why are you so excited? 
I can give big kisses. Lots of kisses. 
I can give lips. 
I can get crazy. 
I can get crazier.  
I can give a little.  
Much more. 
I can give a lot.  
Even more. 
I can give my light. 
I can get enlightened.  
We all can give something powerful. 
I can get strong. 
I can give you a piece of my mind. 
I can give you my ideas, my heart. 
I could give you something to believe in. 
I could get inspired. 
Get inspired. 
I can give back. 
Give something back. 
We can all give. 
I can give everything. 
We all can. 
What can you give?

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