Blake Griffin and Jimmy Butler are ready to take the game back. #HouseofHoops 
"Foot Locker x Jordan – Defy The Monstars"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It's the same story it's always been. There's the heroes and there's the villains.  
In breaking news, the original super team is back.  
Forget the line up, this is the Apocalypse lineup. 
They're fouling everybody.  
They just wanna watch the game.  
The league is theirs. The board is theirs. The whole game is theirs. 
Who asked for this? 
Can anybody stop these guys? 
But there's always a plot twist. 
What's up, jocks? Monstars again, huh?  
Oh, brother! You need some of these, some of these, a lot of these, oh. And one of these.  
Blake Griffin?! 
Who'd you expect, Elmer Fudd? 
That joke again? 
Oh, like you don't say "What's up, Doc?" every day? 
I hate Monstars.

Written Text

Superteam or Superbullies? 
We Win! 
You Lose! 
Want Your Court Back??? 
You Know Where To Find Us 
Wanna Beat The Monstars? 
Foot Locker Approved 
Secret Knock Is "Knock Knock" 

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