"Age of Beard Shaq Commercial - Beard mojo in a bottle: Sponsored by Shaquille O' Neal and" 
Got Beard? We Got Products. Check out Age of Beard, Winner of Wix & Shaq's Big Commercial. 
* Shaq gets picked last in gym class, and picked on. 
* A girl won't share her gum with him. 
* Gets stuck being Tree #3 in the school play.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Nice beard, Shaq. What do you use on it? 
Age of Beard, all-natural organic products.  
Looks good. 
My mojo always came from my beard. Before I could grow one, things were different. 
I'll take Isabella. 
Come on Shaq. 
What are you doing? 
That's my move. 
Isabella, can I have a piece. 
Sorry, Shaq. I don't have enough. 
Sweet, I'm Romeo. 
Yes! I'm Juliet. 
Tree Number Three? 
But now with Age of Beard I got my mojo going strong. Spin move. Beard mojo, beard mojo, beard mojo. Still going. I was just playing. 
Don't be like young Shaq. Get your mojo at Can you dig it?

Written Text

Lincoln J.r High, 1984, Phys. Ed. 
Winter Carnival 1984, Sat-Sun Lincoln Gym 
Got beard? We got products. 
Age of Beard 
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