"James Corden – the driver – is back!" 
This ad shows James Corden driving a car with a passenger. They are talking about restaurant reviews when suddenly there is an organ in the road which James swerves to avoid. Instead of coming to a stop or crashing, the car just keeps spinning down the road. They finally make it to the restaurant and spin into a parking spot perfectly and reserve a table.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Four stars, the best sausages in town. 
Nice, does it say anything about... PARKING! Whoa! We're, we're just spinning. Green light. 
What? She looks like my mum. 
She does. She's got her eyes. Ah, here we are. Now that's how you park in this town. Table for 2 please. Two winners. 
Drivers win at Number one for car savings.

Written Text presents The Driver 
Drivers win 
No. 1 for car savings 
City Center Motel, CONFUSD

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