"Starbucks — A Year of Good"

Last year, Starbucks customers helped us provide full tuition to 6,535 college students, help over 8,000 US veterans and military spouses find work, and helped support over 301,506 ethically sourced farms. There is a lot of good happening out there—thanks to you.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I'm proud of you!
They gave me the opportunity to support myself from being on the streets.
What I want to do is start a pay it forward, pay for the next person.
Wow. That is very awesome.

Written Text

we drank a lot of coffee last year
671,396,071 Cups To Be Exact
And Drank
347,394,871 Cups Of Tea
it may seem like just a cup of coffee
but it added up to a lot of good
You Helped Hire Over 8,000 Veterans
You Helped Send 6,535 Baristas To College
and 229 others graduated
You Helped Give 10,000 Young People Jobs
You Helped Donate 22 Million Trees
You Helped Support 301,506 Ethically Sourced Farms
You Started A 1,468 Pay It Forward Streak
we stood together
during tough times
and happier ones
all thanks to you
because that's your name right next to ours
be good to each other

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