The Caveman tries his luck at open tryouts for the Dallas Cowboys with all-star tight end, Jason Witten. It's easy to see the Caveman has the cowboy spirit but he wouldn't last a second on the gridiron in all that leather. Those spurs probably wouldn't pass for cleats either. 
"Jason Witten: Tryouts - GEICO"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, coach. 
Hey, Jason. Hey, come here. Take a look at this one. 
You'll never make it as a cowboy dressed like that.  
That's a lot of leather.  
The man is wearing spurs. 
Not just anyone can be a Cowboy like Jason Witten. 
Let's do this! 
But anyone could save money on car insurance with GEICO. GEICO. See how much you could save.

Written Text

Open Tryouts  

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