"Big Festival of Shrimp :30"

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Ever try something so good, you get hungry just thinking about it? A Red Lobster's Big Festival of Shrimp, get your perfect pair for just $15.99. Choose any 2 of 6 new and classic creations, like bold new Firecracker red shrimp. Exploding with flavor? Yeah they are. Or try new Creamy shrimp linguini. And new sweet Bourbon Brown Sugar grilled shrimp. Flavors like these are big. And for just $15.99 they can't last. So hurry in.

Written Text

Big Festival Of Shrimp 
Choose Any 2 of 6 
Wild-Caught Firecracker Red Shrimp 
Creamy Shrimp-And-Cheese Linguini 
Bourbon-Brown Sugar Grilled Shrimp 
Red Lobster 
Fresh Fish Live Lobster

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