"Green Netflix" 
Netflix has changed TV for the better but now it is time for them to change our planet for the better.  
Today video streaming accounts for 63% of global internet traffic and this is set to reach 80% by 2020, representing a huge and growing energy footprint. We believe our digital lives and the data centers that host them should be renewably powered instead of relying on dirty energy like coal. Greenpeace is calling on Netflix to embrace innovation and join IT leaders like Facebook and Google in making a commitment to 100% renewable energy. 
Join the campaign for Netflix to go green at:

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You're my best friend. 
Perhaps your only friend. 
Spoon me. 
Friends don't lie. 
I do want to talk to you about a couple of issues. 
What what? 
Que, que, que, porque? 
That's a thing. 
Oh, God. 
That's gross. 
Why the hell would they do that? 
It doesn't make any sense. 
When was this decision made? And why wasn't I part of a conversation? 
Are you going to barf? Tell me if you're going to barf because there's a can behind you. 
I'm not going to barf. 
This is crazy. We can't just wait around. 
I want the power to change this. 
We gotta do something. 
Have an orgy? 
No, stop suggesting that. 
I'll do whatever it takes. 
It's not rocket science. 
We have the opportunity to make history here, and I want all of us to make it together. 
It's the golden age of television. 
So what do we do now? 
Good luck. We're counting on you.

Written Text

Netflix has always been there for you 
You laugh together 
You cry together 
You call each other's bullshit 
Like being powered by dirty energy 
Millions of hours of streaming every day 
Running on dirty power like coal 
It's time to take action 
Tell Netflix to switch to 100% renewable energy 
Netflix has already changed TV for the better 
Now let's help them change the world 
Tell Netflix to go green: 

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