"January Grocery TV - You Are What You Eat" Looking for new ways to upgrade your routine in the New Year? Find well chosen picks at Target to make eating better easier. This ad for Target grocery products features food presented or used in an unusual way. A stack of Chobani yogurt containers with birthday candles on top is served at a children's party. A container of Silk Almond milk is poured into a pyramid of bowls as a girl eats ceral from one of the bowls. Two girls play Scrabble while eating snack packs, while another two women drink out of a huge can of soda. A school class uses cheddar snacks to do math problems

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(Lyrics) Let 'em say what they gonna say They gonna feel how they gonna feel And I love it, I love it (baby) And hey, you should too So let them say what they gonna say They gonna feel how they gonna feel But I love it, yeah I love it

Written Text

Chobani Well Loved Silk Almond Scoop, Wow, Crush, Rainbows, Cat, Banana, Hello, Like, Cook, Eat, Tie, Keep, Pow, Win Justin's Snack Pack Lim La Croix Annie's Cheddar Bunnies Well Chosen Target Expect More. Pay Less.

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