"Born in China Official 'Earth Day' Trailer (2017) - Disneynature Documentary HD"

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Disneynature proudly invites you to its most ambitious film yet. A groundbreaking journey inside the breathtaking wilds of China. 
This film, I think is groundbreaking in the sense that it really gives the audience a view into China that we don't see. What's really magnificent about the footage is how incredibly difficult it is to get that footage.  
The Chinghai plateau is 14 to 16 thousand feet high. Most mammals couldn't exist there, but for the snow leopard and a select few number of animals, it is their home. The mountains of Jinchuan, where monkeys and pandas live, is pure cinematic magic.  
We follow these three amazing families, and possibly the cutest little creature in all of the animal kingdom. The story of each of these animals touches our hearts in a way that only Disney can. 
Disneynature's Born in China. See Born in China opening week, and Disneynature will make a donation to World Wildlife Fund to help protect wild pandas and snow leopards in China.  
(Lyrics) We belong to where we're going 
Where we're going 
We belong to where we're going 
Where we're going 
We belong to where we're going 
Where we're going

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Epic Beauty 
Hidden Majesty 
Endless Wonder 
Roy Conli 
Producer, Born In China 
Born In China 
Earth Day 2017 

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