"2016 Ford F-150: Class-Exclusive LED Side-Mirror Spotlights | F-150 | Ford" 
The Ford F-150, with its class-exclusive LED side-mirror spotlights, shines some much-needed light on a lonesome country crooner. 
This ad shows a country singer singing in the dark. A light then shines on him and he continues singing. The light is from the side-mirror LEDs on a nearby Ford F-150.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Buisin' ??? in my pickup truck 
And I've had three days down on my luck (hey thanks) 
And I got two miles 'til I get to you 
And have all the things I need 
Cause I got you 
Cause I got you

Written Text

F-150 Lariat 
Class-exclusive LED side-mirror spotlights 
The Ford F-150 
Built Ford Tough

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